Flight Booking Application

We help you streamline your flight booking software to help your customers to book and manage their travel plans on the move with the least available time. We simplify the flight ticket booking system to manage their itineraries with our best-in-class website and mobile app solution.

Flight Booking Application Features

A Flight Booking Software must contain all the essential features that will make your travel plans perfect. It begins from the time we plan the trip and ends only when we complete the travel. An ideal flight booking system not only saves time, effort and money but also works in the exact manner wherein the best travel deals are ensured.

Book a Flight

You can search for various available flights to your destination and book for the appropriate flight which you are comfortable to travel. You can book one way or round trip tickets.

Flight Status

The users can view the status of the flight that they are going to board. They can check whether the flight is on time or whether there is any delay in the arrival of flight in the terminal. It provides live updates regarding the status of flight..


This refers to check in to your flight to save time at the airport. You can check in from 24 hours until 90 minutes before the actual departure time of the flight.

Flight Schedule

We can view all the scheduled flight details by selecting the from and to stations or by date. They can select and book on their convenience. The rate of the flights varies depending on the airlines.

Manage Booking

The details of the passenger for whom the flight ticket has to be taken can be entered in this area. Also, the destination details of travel have to be entered here. It also provides a facility to exchange or cancel the tickets.

Information & Services

Here the information regarding the various rules and regulations that has to be followed while travelling are exactly mentioned and the various services offered to the customers who are ready to travel via flight.

Frequent Flyer

Most of the airlines have frequent-flyer programs that are designed to encourage airline customers enrolled in the program to accumulate certain points (miles, kms, segments) which can be redeemed for air travel or other rewards.


The various offers available during each season that is offered to the customers are listed in this category. We can book the tickets based on these offers to avail special prices and discount rates.